Welcome to City Laundry

Over 30 years experience providing contract and linen hire & professional commercial laundry service.

Our services

Welcome to City Laundry, one of the north of England's largest independent commercial laundry's. We are renowned for our crisp, white table and bed linen, which can be found throughout the north - from small, family guest houses to five star hotels and restaurants. We offer an extensive selection of bed, bathroom and table linen for hire.

Hotel Linen

Our linen is sourced from around the world to ensure it is of the highest quality, to fulfil your needs. We supply all sizes and grades to suit the needs of your businesses.

Bathroom Linen

We believe the bathroom should get the same attention as the bedroom, therefore we provide a luxurious and standard range of towels and bathrobes.

Restaurant Linen

We provide restaurant linen service solutions which meet your needs, irrespective of the challenges set by the nature of your particular business.

Events Linen

We can cater for any event, large and small. If you have an event coming up we can supply all your events linen hire, including chair covers.